Mostly plantbased food

Always glutenfree. Always nutfree.


I know what you’re thinking; it’s Thursday and I’m out of ideas on what to eat. I also know that you don’t want to order take out, after all, it’s not quite the weekend, yet. And as for slaving over...

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My perfect coffee... in pictures. First, I get the coffee beans, storage jar and coffee grinder lined up.  Then, I grind the coffee just the way I like it: Get it all prepped up in the stove pot: Pour myself...

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Cabbage brings up horrible images of cold, dark nights and terrifying bowls of smelly soup. I used to think the same thing myself, until I got bored of eating the same old, tired salad and got desperate enough to try...

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Once in a while I crave some food. Sooner or later, the craving becomes an obsession. Friends, in the manner of an addict, I confess that I have been bingeing on chargrilled veg. As confessions go, it’s way up there...

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What is Mostly Plantbased?

In a nutshell: delicious nutfree, glutenfree, mostly-plantbased food and recipes.  It doesn't mean that you are vegetarian or vegan and never eat meat or dairy. Great for people who want to eat food primarily from plants.

Who owns Mostly Plantbased?

Hi, I'm Abidemi Sanusi, a writer and owner of Mostly Plantbased.  Welcome to my corner of the web ;-)

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